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Joze Plecnik — Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia

Joze Plecnik
In the eighties the work of the architect Joze Plecnik (Jo"ze Ple"cnik, see character set) (a disciple of Otto Wagner) became a true discovery for Europe and the world. Besides the extraordinary high quality of his work
история, architecture

Julia Morgan - Great Buildings
Born in San Francisco in 1872, Julia Morgan graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with an engineering degree before she travelled to Paris, where she struggled successfully to become the first woman accepted in to the architecture.
история, architecture

Julia Morgan Index
Generic index of images of more than 60 buildings by Julia Morgan. Part of a Women Architects site. Digital Imaging Project: Art historical images of European and North American architecture and sculpture
from classical Greek to Post-modern.

история, architecture

Julie Snow Architects, mn, minn, minnesota, minneapolis, juliesnow
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K.C. DeRhodes House
Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright
Client: Mr & Mrs. K. C. (Kersey) DeRhodes
Date: 1906


дизайн, проекты, architecture

There are over 275 of us who make up the Albert Kahn Family of Companies...and we're growing.
история, architecture

Kansas City Place Development
Missing KC from our forum sent us this rendering of the failed Kansas City Place project. Although it wasn't a complete failure because 1 KC Place was actually built, the mass of the project was never built.

Kantoorgebouw Delftse Poort
Op een terrein van 95 bij 95 meter naast het Centraal Station is een van de grootste en hoogste kantoorgebouwen van Nederland gerealiseerd.
дизайн, architecture

KCAP - Kees Christiaanse architects and planners b.v.
бюро, architecture

Keller Group plc
Keller is renowned for providing innovative and cost effective solutions to ground engineering problems and refurbishment projects.
дизайн, проекты, architecture

Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia
«Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia» входит в портфолио «Kempinski Hoteliers» и является одним из ведущих 5-звездочных отелей в Софии.
дизайн, проекты, architecture

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