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Interiors & Sources.com
Interiors & Sources is a publication with an exclusive focus on commercial interior designers who have the decision making power to recommend and purchase products and services utilized in commercial structures.
дизайн, architecture

International Architecture Database
This database for international architecture, originally emerging from records of interesting building projects from architecture students, has meanwhile become the largest online-database about worldwide architects and buildings from past to present.
литература, история, дизайн, architecture

International Finance Centre, Hong Kong
ifc is the new heart of Hong Kong and includes Hong Kong's tallest office building, a luxury shopping mall and cinema, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, and Four Seasons serviced apartments.

International Institute
The University of Michigan International Institute (II) develops and implements teaching, research and public affairs programs with an international focus.

International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction
The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction - collage,altered altered artist book collage complete guide imagery journal media mixed more technique,collage creating ephemera found lost project unique vintage,collage unleashed
история, дизайн, architecture

International publisher of books on art, photography, architecture, design, travel and cookery
Online store for the world's leading visual art book publisher covering everything from art, photography, architecture and design to innovative and bestselling travel guides and cookery bibles.
критика, пресс-релизы, architecture

The signform overtakes / occludes the object as referent. The stretchy, logo-ized FABRIC is invented. - worldsheet
бюро, architecture

Herzlich willkommen auf dem Informationsportal zum Intershop Tower in Jena
дизайн, architecture

Irving Gill Central
California architect Irving J. Gill (1870-1936) had the misfortune to do most
of his work in a city that cares little for its past.
This will not be a sugar-coated Chamber of Commerce site
and will offer no refuge for ignorant city governments.

история, architecture

Isaakievsky Sobor (St. Isaac's Cathedral)
St. Isaac's Cathedral was ordered by Tsar Alexander I to replace an earlier Rinaldiesque structure. A specially appointed commission examined several designs, including that of the French-born architect Auguste de Montferrand
история, architecture

IZDTower, Büroimmobilien, Business Park, Gewerbeobjekte, Österreich
Mit dem IZD Tower – Wiens größtem Bürogebäude – wurden ein Firmenstandort geschaffen, der Maßstäbe setzt.
дизайн, architecture

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