архитектурный конкурс ПАРКовка



The work should include:

— Filled registration form

— Brief explanatory note, that reveals the main idea of ​​the project (not less than 1 page of text)

— Not less than 3 images of the project (size of the plates for graphic materials: A3, horizontal format, JPEG / PDF, resolution: 300 dpi). Images can be made in any technique, but they should strictly reflect the ideas of the concept.

— Plans, sections and elevations at a scale of 1:50 or 1:100

— Assembly diagrams and necessary components, detailed step-by-step instruction of making up of an object right on the place. Authors’ suggestions of how to make the process of the object’s construction more vivid, memorable for the residents, and popularizing the unique architectural idea.

Social revolution

Additional materials (optional):

Sketch diagrams — functional, structural, technological, infographics: course of your thoughts, expressed graphically, video in AVI / MOV format.



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