архитектурный конкурс ПАРКовка




— Cost-effective materials (cost of materials for the realization of 1 object should not exceed $3000.)

— Preferred materials — wood and metal

— Your object should be easy to assemble

— Safe and anti-vandal design

— Ecologically friendly

— An object should have a throughout-a-year exploitation period for different groups of people (including people who are disabled and children).


Social revolution

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  1. Posted on 26.03.2013 by FraRob

    Dear Competition Team,

    We have some questions:

    What is urban ecological object for you? Is it a simply installation or it should be a small building with rooms to make events (conference, exhibition, etc.)?

    Concerning the dimensions of the urban ecological object. How it should be large?

    Must we provide toilets inside the urban ecological object ?

    Do the Cost-effective materials (cost of materials for the realization of 1 object should not exceed $3000.) also include the costs of lighting and the costs of toilets?

    • Posted on 26.03.2013 by semen

      It is closer to an art object, but not the building. For example: a platform for lectures with a projector. Or just an object of contemporary art. Dimensions — about 10 x 10 m. Toilets is not a part of this project. Your thoughts: what people may need to take a rest in the park? Or take a walk through the park and see something interesting. $3000 — is the cost of building materials, including — lighting.

  2. Posted on 23.04.2013 by pawel

    Dear competition team. What shall be the size of plans and technical drawings, I aressume they may exceed the size of A3? What shoul we put on A3, should it be a composed posters or just vizualizations? Thanks a lot!

    • Posted on 23.04.2013 by semen

      If your plans are exceed the size of A3, you can make it in a scale 1:200.
      The other requirements are described here:
      It’s will be better if you’ll do a big visualizations on the A3, not the composition of pictures. These A3 will look better on the exhibition.

  3. Posted on 27.04.2013 by Michal

    Hi, is there a particular time by which the entries must be received? I am assuming that the deadline is midnight of May 1 (Yaroslavl time).

    • Posted on 27.04.2013 by semen

      Exact time of the deadline is May 1, 11:59 p.m. (UTC±00:00)

  4. Posted on 27.04.2013 by Michal

    is there an encoded serial number that we include, for example in the top right hand corner, on our jpeg page submissions so that boards can be anonymously identified.

    • Posted on 29.04.2013 by semen

      You do not need the serial number, because the contest is not anonymous

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