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COOKIN ́ GARDEN / [VIC] Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas /Spain, Madrid / Архитектурный объект


Purpose: “food” is thought as an element that does social connection. The goal is to successfully enrich the intercultural characteristic of the neighbourhood of central Yaroslavl.


Concept of the project:  The proposal consists on an “urban kitchen developed for external spaces of the city”. This kitchen is expected to act as a landmark and as a common ground for people. Recipes coming from this intercultural community will be on it. In addition, cooking lessons of local chefs (diverse nationalities) are predicted to happen every Sunday of the summer months (June, July and August). On the one hand, these actions intend to estimate the community of Yaroslavl and on the other hand, it can open the kitchen to the general public.

This approach was chosen as useful for dealing with the intercultural task. The research verified that the kitchen was a very vibrant use in other location previously tested.


Technical description: 1. Its structure can be disposed in any flat area. The structure of the display is carried out by concrete tubes of 50 cm diameter or circular steel structure full-filled with bricks, earth and plants. It is strong enough to carry a perpendicular wooden grid structure (linked with «L» shaped metal pieces) and as well the wood revetment. All information can be seen in the picture (). They are as well detailed in the plans.

2. It can be easily mounted with the DIY System. With the correct pieces shape any adult can build it. Another suggestion may be to do it with the help of DIY Store.

3. A wood waterproof may be done because of the fact that it will be disposed in one open space.

4. Regarding safety parameters, the kitchen does not have tools such as knives, forks and spoons, and it does not have any electronic device on it. Deserves attention, the fact that the «street kitchen» as a public space to share culture and recipes. It can be used as picnic area, or a place to meet people to sit and relax. During the workshops, the project staff is responsible to bring own tools and equipment to cook.

The estimated cost of the project: 2.900 $

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