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FREE GALLERY / Iva Markovic, Jovana Petrovic / Serbia, Belgrade / Архитектурный объект


Purpose: Architectural object


Concept of the project: 

We live in a fast-paced world of quick decisions and fragmented thoughts. Creating and experience  art allows us to slow down. Viewing the art of others can give rise to emotions within us and help us explore and interpret what we are feeling. Understanding our emotions can help us heal, grow and improve ourselves.


While art inspire critical thinking and better communication it is important to encourage and provide various creative people to show their creativity. The main idea for the pavilion in Yaroslavi is to create space to think, express, and support interaction and education for different users of the area, whether they are exhibitors or visitors.  “Free gallery pavilion” is an artistic place with public purpose available to all. The pavilion will be an exhibition space for artwork, and a meeting space for groups working on artistic issues. The FGP will serve as a general gathering point for people around the Yaroslavi area interested in promoting art. In spite of that, local inhabitants themselves are included in organizing events in pavilion which enhances their interaction. Location (park) itself emphasizes the purpose and the accessibility of the urban object pavilion “Free gallery pavilion” whose shape and material fits into the landscape of the park. Also, its geometrical form in organic surrounding will represent a landmark of that area that attracts visitors to come in, go through, and experience the art.


The estimated cost of the project: Aproximaty 1000$


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54. Homes Sweet Homes


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Homes Sweet Homes / Iva Markovic, Jovana Petrovic / Serbia, Belgrade / Архитектурный объект

Homes Sweet Homes

Purpose: Architectural object/ Pavillions for everyone

Homes Sweet Homes /2

Concept of the project:  

The main idea of this design is to introduce a home atmosphere of everyday life of people  from Jaroslav to a public space, and convey their messages on how people feel in their homes. Borrowing children`s visual representation of the family house whose visual terms are introduced into to the park. With this architectural concept, authors are inclined to initiate the idea of ​​architectural education of population, where their involvement in the program is to promote architecture of everyday life going through the activity of decorating, spatial organization and realization of individual space (house/pavillion). It is also encouraged that users donate the necessary furniture for the pavillions, so they can organize the new spaces themselves. In addition, it would be allowed to exchange the donated furniture, and in that way we can have an understanding of the architectural styles of the inhabitants of this Russian city.

Homes Sweet Homes / 3

This architectural experiment, which is entitled «give and take», could be the beginning point in researching these pavilions, and observing them through sociological, anthropological, and aesthetic point of view. Setting architecture as tool in the study of social and individual behavior in time in which we live. This concept has the potential of forming a serious cultural study through a case study «Homes Sweet Homes» in the study of the public spaces and places where the main task of observing their relationships with potential customers. At the same time as a meeting place can give us a review of the behavior of modern man in intimate spaces, and how individuals and groups perceive certain areas of their home

Homes Sweet Homes /4

With continued giving and taking various items from everyday life we would experience changes in the structure of small homes,  where the users take role in its continued transformatio. The key issue is how society consumes urbanized public green spaces, precisely how people spend their free time in the park under the newly created conditions?

Homes Sweet Homes /5

The estimated cost of the project:  Aproximaty 1000$

Homes Sweet Homes /6


Homes Sweet Homes /7

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THE HEDGEHOGS PAVILION / Iva Markovic, Jovana Petrovic / Serbia, Belgrade / Архитектурный объект


Purpose: Architectural object


Concept of the project:  Inspiration for project “THE HEDGEHOG`S PAVILLION” we found in Serbian build heritage, precisely in outbuilding (Serbian, vajat) of rural household, in which newlyweds together first started their life. What’s interesting about “vajat” is that the dimension of whole building is dimension of double bed size, and whole “home” is on construction lifted from the ground on some kind of skies, allowing newlyweds to move their home wherever they like. In such a way, they will have privacy from their relatives.


The main idea for the pavilion in Yaroslavi is to create space for escape from everyday urban life in nature with “Moving hedge”


Technical description: All technical description is in presentation


The estimated cost of the project: Aproximaty 1000$


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33. Dream of Nutcracker

Land art, projects

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Dream of Nutcracker / Marija Cvejić, Sladjana Cvejić / Belgrade, Serbia / Лэнд-Арт объект

Dream of Nutcracker

Purpose:   Multifunctional, recreation, education, culture.

Concept of the project:

Basically, concept is artificial design set as result of social challenge for providing dynamic, enjoyable, multifunctional and overall safe environment for everyone where everything seems possible. Originally the idea started with desire for unveiling vivid, colorful almost surreal space where all possibilities intersect while, at the same time, drawing nature into playful ambient of childlike dream.

Pleasant afternoon for family to spend would require park area that provides more than just passive walk and proposed site seems perfect for design that offers much more. Fluently shaped path followed by benches, leads visitors through shaded green area, surrounded with spaces for active recreation and safe spaces for children, all the way to the mini- square completely open and oriented towards objects of heritage with monument as central element. Specific extension of this artificially shaped environment is auditorium, partly hidden and aimed for lectures, concerts and multimedia presentations. That way space is additionally activated for public events, but spatially it’s 3- dimensionally double challenged as artificial hill and space for children to play and for winter activities.

Dream of Nutcracker /2

Technical description:  Project covers entire surface of the proposed location. Represents both spatially and functionally activated area covered by materials such as concrete and wood with dominant green areas. The intention was to keep as much trees as possible, while creating artificial landscape solution that would provide users with possibility of choice during day, night and different periods of the year. Spaces would temporarily be activated with installation of recycled PVC balloons, mainly for children. Redwood or pine would be used for skating ramps without additional construction, landed directly on sand.

The estimated cost of the project:  With having covered entire site costs highly exceeded cost proposal. Due to not having access to all material’s prices in Russia final price is not presented.

Dream of Nutcracker /3

Dream of Nutcracker

Everything starts with a dream. The dream. Dream of perfection.

Perfect perception of things that surround us starts with an idea of space that brings all the fun, amusement, vividness, serenity and joy together and translates them into dynamic sketch that spatially shapes the dream into dreamlike reality for children and people alike.

Dream of Nutcracker /4

Having premise for an artificial design that provides dynamic, enjoyable, multifunctional and overall safe environment for everyone where everything seems possible upgrades the efforts for creating ambient that brings certain amount of playful magic while balancing between strong heritage and futuristic human scaled design. Even though landscaping that is monumental in scale represents difficult environment socially, creating public realm with multiple functionalities opens entirely new way of perception of how built environment affects quality of people’s lives.

This perfect site opens possibilities for design imagined as:

  •   Visually created for people to not be aware of how big it is,
  •   Product that is extracting the most of available space,
  •   3- dimensionally activated surface to create spaces pleasant for different groups of users,
  •   Precise respond to pedestrians as result of detecting motion and integrating it into design.

Dream of Nutcracker 5

Every element / bench, path, grass field, fountain pool with monument/ is part of greater puzzle, and as such serves the function without detracting from the cohesiveness of the wider picture. Basic guidelines such as mobility and flexibility play significant role in meeting requested standards in terms of endurance and quality of design.
Composition as conceptual response to the brief visually and spatially opens towards traditional elements in the north. But, on the other side, from centrally positioned composition around monument paths lead to functionally shaped niches designed as pockets pleasant for people to gather and children to play in.
Permanent installations such as artificial hill or skating ramp with sufficient inclination for both winter and summer activities, water mirror surrounding monument, benches that curved follow the path, multimedia – performance auditorium make dynamic picture that can be enriched with temporary installations in practically all parts of the park. Balloons made of recycled PVC could encolor the space made and visually shaped from concrete, wood and all around green environment.

Dream of Nutcracker 6

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