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20. Insect Wall

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Insect Wall / LINT landscape architecture: Gerwin de Vries, Alexander Herrebout  / Netherlands, Utrecht / Лэнд-Арт объект


Purpose:   Giving insects and bees living habitat

The estimated cost of the project: 2000 euro



According to prominent research, insects, butterflies and bees pollinate nearly 90% of our commercial plants, including most fruits, vegetables and nuts. However, industrialized agriculture and rampant urbanization have led to severe colony collapses. INSECT TUBES provides a platform to communicate the important role of insects in our existence. Wooden tubes set in a park setting provide a visually striking pattern and unique experience. The tubes are perforated with holes which provide nesting possibilities for different insects, ants, spiders, butterflies, bees and small birds within the park. The inner part of the tube reveals a shadow-habitat while the outside of the has a more sunny habitat. Both will attract different species. The inside of the tube is perforated with a rigid pattern while the outside is showing a images of different insects. The strong geometry of the tubes contrast the lush plantings within the park. Purposefully designed, INSECT TUBES becomes an interactive display of processes, flows and systems that are integral to the sustained growth of our urban ecologies.


Typology, form and function are important components of INSECT TUBES. Whether minimal, classical, informal, or productive, gardens inherently represent the relationship between man and nature. As we learn more about biophysical systems and ecological processes we are continuously challenged to revisit this relationship. This project is both an image and a system, providing a vehicle for education, productivity, exploration and imagination.


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