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UMBRELLA / ZHONGYUAN PAN / Australia, Adelaide   / Лэнд-арт объект


Purpose:   Providing public space for inhabitants to have activities.


Concept of the project:  The original idea is building a shelter, an UMBRELLA, for human activities. UMBRELLA takes advantages of its protection providing people equal chances out in wild. If a place is lack of protection, people may not come along to enjoy. But once it is turned into a place with dynamic projects which can provide protection at the same time, citizens would be right here with others, familiar or not, to try new activities.


Technical description:  Materials are limited with timber and steel, as they are both reused materials. In addition, they are flexible to use out in nature.


The estimated cost of the project:  Approx $ 2800


UMBRELLA, public space accessible for everyone.

What we can do in PARKS? Having fun, sharing knowledge and doing entertaining exercise. What is the basic element of architecture? A shelter for human activities. Shelters can be as large as a stadium, and can be as small as an UMBRELLA. UMBRELLA takes advantages of its protection providing people equal chances out in wild. This is a kind of platform that you can be both player and audience at the same time. It encourages people to come to do what they really want to do, practicing with the creativity, interacting with each other, and enjoying the simplicity of life. UMBRELLA highly engages with the community dynamic and locally used-material. Wood and metal are eco-friendly construction materials. Further more, the model of shelter provides flexible opportunity for various types of activities in different scales. Different levels of the terraces assume different kinds of activities, for example, camping and bicycling, dancing and watching.

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