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Friends, we are glad to inform you that the results of the international contest in design of urban environments «PARKing» are summed.  (Russian text)

Our competition drew 61 projects from 14 countries.
We want to thank the participants for their interest in our competition and attention to Yaroslavl. Thanks to you, we have a fresh look at the familiar boulevard on Tchaikovsky Street in the historic center of Yaroslavl and saw really thrilling scenarios of its development.
We appreciate the work of the jury, which could choose most interesting and realistic ideas from a variety of projects, the ideas which will change the space of boulevard this summer.

The task of the competition was to create a «parking» — functional objects of the urban environment for relaxing and socializing citizens on the Tchaikovsky boulevard.

Recall that in selecting the winners of the jury based on the following criteria:
• Cost of materials / cost of materials for the implementation of 1 facility shall not exceed 100 thousand rubles. /
• Preferred materials — wood, metal
• Ease of manufacturing
• Safety and vandal-resistant design
• Respect for the environment
• Operation of facilities during the entire annual cycle, different groups / including people with disabilities, children /.


Short List of projects /15/: 


6 – «Nastil (Flooring)»  by «Krysha» group: Evegeny Shirchkov and Andrey Kurganov / Saransk

7 – «Golubyatnya (Dovecote)» / Krysha» group: Evegeny Shirchkov and Andrey Kurganov / Saransk

13 – «Soldatiki (Toy soldiers)» / byt TtT [MADYAR], Maxim Dudkin/ Yaroslvl

19 – «Sound Garden» / Gabriella D’Angelo / USA, Ithaca, NY

24 – «PARKing» in Jaroslavl — modern version» / EBING & PARTNERS: Jerzy Ebing, Cezary Gerwin, Krzysztof Wojciechowski / Poland, Warszawa

25 – «Yaroslavl — Recycling Revolution» / Karolina Tarkowska, Pawel Kochanski / Poland, Szczecin


31 – «Revolution chair» / VITIA STUDIO: Marco Testi, Sergio Vedovelli / Italy, Verona

33 – «Dream of Nutcracker» / Marija Cvejic, Sladjana Cvejic / Belgrade, Serbia

36 – «Cheese, take a sit!» / Massimo Peota / Italy, Rovereto

40 – «IQ Skameykа (IQ Bench)»/ Ravil Salimov / Moscow

46 – «PARKing Curves» / Tengiz Alaverdashvili / Georgia, Tbilisi

49 – «Cookin garden»  / [VIC] Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas /Spain, Madrid

52 – «Renew stream» / Архитектурная мастерская А1: Яна Козак, Дмитрий Козак, Виктория Рябоконь / Украина, Днепропетровск

53 – «The hedgehogs pavilion» / Iva Markovic, Jovana Petrovic / Serbia, Belgrade


The Judges chose the following projects as winners in nominations:


  • Grand Prix for the best social project and «The best project for the integration of social and age groups»:

«Flooring» / # 6

Architectural group «Kryshaf» / Eugene Shirchkov, Andrew Barrows, Saransk


  • «The best scenario approach to space»:

«Stack it» / # 28

«Morgenwirdsbesser» / Germany, Karlsruhe


  • «Land art object»:

«Sound Garden» / # 19

Gabriela de Angelo / USA, Ithaca, New York


Objects which became winners in the competitive categories will be implemented on the boulevard on Tchaikovsky Street in the summer of 2013,  and winner of the Grand Prix will receive a cash prize of 30,000 rubles ($1000) 


  • Special Diploma of the Jury and the recommendation for implementation in the public spaces of the city of Yaroslavl:

PARKing Curves / # 46

Tengiz Alaverdashvili / Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Special Diploma of the Jury Prize and recommendation to be implemented in the «Children’s Park» in Yaroslavl:

Renew stream / # 52

Architectural Workshop «A1″ / Jan Kozak, Dmitry Kozak, Victoria Riabokon / Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk


Prior to June 1, 2013 on the website of the competition continues audience voting for the properties. Object-winner of audience voting will be recommended for implementation in the public places of  Yaroslavl.


Comments from the jury:

Nikolay Kudryashov, chairman of the jury

Professor of Architecture, Head of Department. «Architecture» YaGTU, Advisor to the Governor of nuclear weapons in strategic areas development:

- Nicholas, please share your impressions of the competition and comment the jury’s choice!

- The competition «PARKing» has presented many projects worthy of attention. Some of the projects that failed to win in the competition categories — either because of high costs or complexity of the construction process — the jury recommended for implementation in our city. As for example, a project of the Georgian architect Tengiz Alaverdashvili, “PARKing Curves”, № 46, or the project of architect’s «A1″ from Dnepropetrovsk “Renew stream”, № 52.

In our choice we were guided by such criteria as easiness of construction of structures, economy (i.e. the possibility to create an object in summer 2013), the connection to the existing context, creation by installation additional functions and meanings in the space of the boulevard.

The jury by the consolidated decision tried to connect the separate projects into one, find the interactive relationship between them, to offer citizens a new vector of the use and perception of the boulevard. Today, we have already formed space with a stele in honour of the 30th anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War 1941 — 1945 in the center of the boulevard. While acknowledging the dominant role of the stele, we propose to emphasize it with the help of the «Gateway»// «Stack it», № 28/ of the group of German architects «Morgenwirdsbesser» of Karlsruhe — enclosing it in openwork-like walls, made from the most democratic material — building pallets. This gate will work as curtains, open out the space behind the stele, showing that it is not the end of the boulevard and inviting to travel. It should be recognized that at the moment the stele on the Boulevard is a bit lost, but by the framing of the installation she will turn to be the real dominant. On this way monumental art protected by the state and the modern social, symbolic object will interact. It should be noted that the proposed facility is also functional — it is an open-air library. So it sends us to the memory of the space. In the early twentieth century, by the means of Mayor Ivan Aleksandrovich Vakhrameev in the Boulevard was built one — storey wooden building — «free people’s reading room.» According to the remembrance of contemporaries: “During the holidays there were arranged open readings with the misty paintings».

The landscape of the boulevard will get more comfortable and varied by decking modules proposed by the architectural group of the «Roof» of Saransk. It’s very democratic, easy to perform, comfortable design that will work on the integration of people, create chamber sitting areas, used by different population groups. The walk on our boulevard will be completed by the smooth transition to the cosmism of the planetarium — the flower in memory of the fallen heroes (the object of the American architect Gabriela De Angelo «The Garden of Sounds») – it is opening a new landscape theme in the direction of the river terrace of Kotorosl, lyrical ensemble with the Church of St. Wet Nicholas.

In such a manner in the boulevard a very pretentious three-part composition will appear.

The stele, the installation and flooring begin to work together and create a diverse space filled with art.


Gregory Dainov

Architect, the head of the architectural bureau «DK», a board member of the Yaroslavl regional organization of the Union of Architects of Russia:

- Gregory, please share with us your impressions. How the selected objects will interact with the environment? Will it not disturb the existing harmony?

- I believe that the choice is made correctly. The selected objects complement each other perfectly in the environment. They are not aggressive, also not in a position to destroy the existing atmosphere. For me, as a member of the jury, they are primarily interesting in their exploratory nature, not just a form, but objects that are capable generating events, create social activity around them — this is very important. Secondly, they are easy to construct and fit within a budget, it is important for the success of the competition. Perhaps these installations are unusual and oppositional to the generally accepted views, but they are still very pleasant, elegant, friendly and very architectural in their nature.

- How do you comment on the jury’s choice of the object made by the group of German architects «Morgenwirdsbesser» from Karlsruhe, which won the award for «Best scenario approach to space organisation?»

- First of all, this is a very strong architectural gesture, whole architectural statement. The installation is working within the axial structure of the boulevard, is related to its dominants, complements it; in a certain sense reframe the stele. On the other hand, it is incredibly technological, is interesting from the point of understanding the architecture as a process: it consists from the modules that form the whole, the final object. The architect found a completely unexpected use for pallets, very witty, from my point of view. Finally, this object forms social activity: offering people books exchange, use the walls, collected from the pallet, as a bookshelf, street library. Perhaps it is utopian, idealistic from certain point: offer free exchange books for our society can be still not usual and premature. But if the people in the city are ready to exchange books for no particular reason — it means that the society was succeeding, matured in a sense. To this we must strive for. This object triggers an experiment, it creates a new environment is a breath of international experience in Yaroslavl, and from this point of view, it is certainly useful.

- More useful than the benches, which citizens are waiting for?

- The bench is definitely a necessary thing in any park. But it is a utilitarian thing. You do not need to hold the competition about it. We are talking about the competition, which takes place in the framework of the festival «Social Revolution», bench is not a revolution. Talking about a revolution in the social experience, the library collected from the pallet, is an illustration of such a revolution. The facility has an effect on the mind.

- But where a person can “park” there?

- Well, in the installation there is a space where to “park”. There you can sit, read a book. Nevertheless, my primarily interest about the object was an architectural and social provocation, an attempt to test ourselves, society, to understand what we can do, how humane we are. In this case, let us not forget that functional objects for recreation, meetings of citizens on the boulevard will be decking — the objects of architectural group «Roof» from Saransk, which fit perfectly into the location and will be a kind of space activators.

If you analyze the situation as a whole, in this space would be interesting to establish the necessary concentration of the art: only then they will have the weight of influence. If during the entire length of the territory we will meet not a single object (as a stele monument now), but few — then boulevard area throughout the length will work. One object you just passed, the other met — and you are influenced by them throughout the space. That would be very nice. Therefore, we have chosen three of the most interesting from the point of view of social ideas, the projects that are comprehensible to implement and on this way to create a space filled with art.


Irina Rekhovskikh
curator of contemporary art projects

The space of the city that is rich on traditions, forms the slow pace and continuity in the presentation of new forms. Some contestants have felt these conditions; their projects got a clear conceptual interpretation.
The presented constructions in varying degrees continued the history of the place, the possibility of creating a new aesthetic dialogue with existing monuments of history and culture. The selected projects solve the problems stated in the competition and at the same time create the necessary tension in the dialogue with tradition, common context and sometimes incomprehensible modern art. The created connections organised a museum-like space, which ask the questions, surprise and delight.

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Объявление итогов конкурса — 15 мая 2013 г. 59 конкурсных проектов будет опубликовано здесь в ближайшее время. Также мы объявляем открытое общественное голосование. Вы можете голосовать, используя кнопки Facebook like, retweet и Google +1 под каждым проектом.

Announcement of the results of competition — May 15, 2013. 59 competitive projects will be published here soon. Also, we are announcing an open public vote. You can vote by using the Facebook like, retweet and Google +1 buttons under the projects.

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