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FREE GALLERY / Iva Markovic, Jovana Petrovic / Serbia, Belgrade / Архитектурный объект


Purpose: Architectural object


Concept of the project: 

We live in a fast-paced world of quick decisions and fragmented thoughts. Creating and experience  art allows us to slow down. Viewing the art of others can give rise to emotions within us and help us explore and interpret what we are feeling. Understanding our emotions can help us heal, grow and improve ourselves.


While art inspire critical thinking and better communication it is important to encourage and provide various creative people to show their creativity. The main idea for the pavilion in Yaroslavi is to create space to think, express, and support interaction and education for different users of the area, whether they are exhibitors or visitors.  “Free gallery pavilion” is an artistic place with public purpose available to all. The pavilion will be an exhibition space for artwork, and a meeting space for groups working on artistic issues. The FGP will serve as a general gathering point for people around the Yaroslavi area interested in promoting art. In spite of that, local inhabitants themselves are included in organizing events in pavilion which enhances their interaction. Location (park) itself emphasizes the purpose and the accessibility of the urban object pavilion “Free gallery pavilion” whose shape and material fits into the landscape of the park. Also, its geometrical form in organic surrounding will represent a landmark of that area that attracts visitors to come in, go through, and experience the art.


The estimated cost of the project: Aproximaty 1000$



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  1. Posted on 10.05.2013 by Name

    OSB — not for kids, not practical, non direct touch material

  2. Posted on 13.05.2013 by STUDIO VITIA

    I think that you have had a good idea but you are victim of an uncorrect competitor that write bad comment to all other competitor….and I think to know who is. Good luck , Sergio

  3. Posted on 14.05.2013 by I don't like it!
  4. Posted on 14.05.2013 by Name

    Personally I don’t like it. Sergio

  5. Posted on 14.05.2013 by Al

    egoistic project…to many small boxes, Iagree with you!
    Imagine, many peoples will use it like a toilets???!!!!!!!!

  6. Posted on 14.05.2013 by Name

    he,he,he….not only for this — even worse thing. You know what Imean….

  7. Posted on 14.05.2013 by Hope

    Looks that only competitors posting comments here and I recognizing jealousy.How ever,great yob!Very interesting project and for example!

  8. Posted on 15.05.2013 by Name

    There is no mater of jealousy…the project is really temporary & primitive. Imagine so many materiał boxes blocking view for a nature and surounding, classic architecture. One big haos!

  9. Posted on 15.05.2013 by Timbur

    I agree. It is chaotic, nervous, set of aggressive shapes. It is not working with surroundings and it creates distraction from a beautiful nature. This is complete trash and it is art for a sake of art.

  10. Posted on 15.05.2013 by Name

    Why did you buy the votes????!!!!!!!! Is not fair play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Posted on 15.05.2013 by Name


  12. Posted on 15.05.2013 by al

    Why did you buy the votes
    - is not fair. Protest !!!!!!!!!!!we Can check-in very easy

  13. Posted on 15.05.2013 by Name

    We will protest officialy against you!

  14. Posted on 15.05.2013 by Name

    Shock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Posted on 15.05.2013 by Name

    We will protest officialy!

  16. Posted on 15.05.2013 by Adam

    These are the most primitive comments I have read so far here… So what if this project was shared among their friends through facebook, and they all liked it?!… The SAD thing here is that the people who are writing these unprofessional (if they are architects at all) comments, dont have any friends that can view their project and click LIKE if its any good… really sad.
    This one got a big LIKE from me… keep up the good work and disregard what jealous people that dont have any frinds are writing here on this comment section…

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  18. Posted on 16.05.2013 by Name

    бесплатная уборная

  19. Posted on 17.05.2013 by Giada

    бесплатная уборная — free toilet? Look better for the other serbian land project no 33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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