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CUPOLA! / Valeria Zamboni / Italy, Rovereto / Архитектурный объект, Лэнд-арт объект


Purpose: Create small urban objects with different functions (small pavilion, sitting point).


Concept of the project: Inspired by the typical orthodox domes, the project idea wants recreate with an urban object a social public space to relax or meet people. The figure of the “cupola” is a recognizable image for everybody, locals and tourists.

It’s an old cultural element of the city re-think in a contemporary key for a public space.

If you look up walking through the city, you will understand that it is a characteristic element of the urban landscape. With “Cupola!” you brings colored domes from the sky into a public ground.


Technical description: In the presentation, there are different types of “cupola”. Different for size, function, color.

For the budget you can realize or a large pavilion or a combination between a medium/small pavilion with a sitting element (extrasmall type).

The materials are plastic pipes assembled on a wood frame.


The estimated cost of the project: 2960 $


A city is recognizable by its urban landscape images that are part of the history and culture of people’s lives.

The project develops this reflection, wants to dwell about these images.

The orthodox domes characterize the skyline of the city and are a symbol of religion, history and tradition.

They are characteristic and recognizable elements.

They are images that belongs as much to the city as to people.


The project develops the identity of this image, in a contemporary way, designing an urban object in a public space.The project involves the construction of small dome-shaped pavilions of different size and color.

There are four types of domes:

-a seating element (XS),

-a small pavilion (S),

-a medium pavilion that can accommodate from 1 to 3 people  (M),

-a largest pavilion that can accommodate from 3 to 5 people (L).

The different items correspond to the different types of sociality that you want to recreate.

The smallest element like a big basket offers a seat for two/one persons.The small pavilion aims to be an iconic and a game for children.The largest pavilions offer privacy and provide shelter.

The material used is cheap and easy available: plywood and corrugated plastic pipes.

Wood is a sustainable material, easy to assemble. It’s s used for the framework.

The plastic corrugated tubes are used for skin’s structure. They create a dome’s skin particularly attractive and funny for the color and roughness.

The plastic pipes make a series of rings up of variable sizes, wich are assembled on the wood structure in order of decreasing upwards.

The tube diameter is 10 cm for the largest pavilion. For the element of the sitting you can use a pipe diameter of 4 cm.

The budget of $ 3,000 allows you to build: or the pavilion (type L) or a smaller pavilion plus the sitting element (type XS) or you can build a couple of sitting elements with a small pavilion (type S).

Characterize the public ground with these items colorize the space, in terms of social relation, play and harmony. With “Cupola!” you brings colored domes from the sky into a public ground.

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  2. Posted on 17.05.2013 by Name

    Лэнд-арт объект? где хоть тут лэнд-арт? потому что они стоят на земле что ли? и вообще — сидеть задницами на главках церквей (пусть и абстрактно) — РПЦ не оценит такого жеста….

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