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42. LiteHouse


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LiteHouse   / RED DEER    / UNITED KINGDOM, LONDON   / Архитектурный объект

Purpose:   The aim of the LiteHouses is to create new spaces in the heart Yaroslavl where inhabitants can enjoy new views of the city and offer an opportunity for users to withdraw from the hectic city life. Litehouses create a space for introspection and observation


Concept of the project:

The original concept was to offer new views of Chaikovsky Street and the surrounding area. The existing views are framed by the trees along an axis which culminates at the monument.

We wanted to challenge this rational planning by designing spaces in which inhabitants could see new views of the city from Chaikovsky park. We decided to propose intimate ‘pods’ suspended up in the tree which would not only decorate the park, appearing out from the tress as giant lanterns, but also create elevated views of the surrounding buildings and passersby in the park.

The playful ‘Litehouses’ would be suspended from the trees and remain accessible throughout the year, day and night, highlighting the seasonal changes of the park and the city life around it.

Technical description:

  • -  24x 1800mm long 100mm dia Kebony Struts
  • -  2 x. 500mm dia Circular Mirrored Panels
  • -  50 linear Metres of 8mm dia Steel cables
  • -  Steel Fixings
  • -  2 x 8mm steel rings
  • -  8 cubic meters of mirrored PVC fabric
  • -  5 metres of rope for clibbing

The estimated cost of the project: Approximately $3000 per pod

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