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37. A New Friend for Yaroslavl


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A New Friend for Yaroslavl / MOCHA: Michal Ojrzanowski, Caitlin Hubbs / USA, Palatine, IL  / Архитектурный объект

 A New Friend for Yaroslavl

Purpose:   Create a site-specific icon for Yaroslavl with appropriate climatic conditions to engage visitors throughout the year.

Concept of the project:

The identity of a society is created through innumerable factors stemming from history, geography, and a shared culture. Our “parking space” in the Tchaikovsky boulevard isolates a common trait between these varied factors and personifies it to make it more relatable to many demographics with different interests.

Through our research into Yaroslavl’s sacred art and architecture, constructivism and vernacular craft, we were surprised to repeatedly encounter the motif of a circle, and more precisely, two vertically intersecting circles.

The beauty of this shape lies in its ubiquity that allows many public groups to associate it with their own experiences, memories, and everyday lives. Thus, we have an icon that manages to convey the local spirit without being overtly thematic.

In order to make visitors aware of the geometry with which they are subconsciously surrounded, we created a character that imbues a friendly gathering place in the park that would remind civilians of these many similarities. Functionally, the “friend” traps heat through solar radiation in order to create a warm spot for the town’s people during their time in the park. In the summer, the tree’s shade the pavilion to prevent it from overheating. The semi-transparent polycarbonate acts as a blanket around the structure, promoting a safe and whimsical environment.

A New Friend for Yaroslavl /2

Technical description:

The primary structure is made of bent laminated lumber that will be prefabricated off site to accommodate the pavilion’s curvature. Alternatively, this frame can be made out of many pieces of ordinary, straight pieces of lumber with mitered edges are joined together in a simplified curve. These pieces are reinforced with steel connection plates and angles.

The secondary structure consists of wood framing that provides rigidity for the circular structure. A portal on each of the long elevations is framed out with the same size members, providing a straight path through the structure.

Weather and vandal-proof polycarbonate panels are nailed onto this structure. Because of this semi-enclosed condition, the pavilion can become a shelter from rain while staying properly ventilated to prevent material decay. Heat is collected through solar radiation that keeps the pavilion warm throughout the year. Evenly spaced horizontal birch slats are nailed over this assembly in order to help shade the polycarbonate surface beneath, and to create relief and shadow on the otherwise flat elevation. As the pavilion ages, the wood gradually ages to mark the passage of time.

A New Friend for Yaroslavl /3

The estimated cost of the project:  $3,000

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    оставьте главы церквей в покое уже!!!

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