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25. Yaroslavl — Recycling Revolution


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Yaroslavl — Recycling Revolution / Karolina Tarkowska, Paweł Kochański / Poland, Szczecin / Архитектурный объект

Yaroslavl — Recycling Revolution

Purpose:   Our idea was to create an ecological object from recycled materials and a green space surrounding it, which would encourage people to rediscover social life. We wanted to use simple and easy accessible resources. That is why we chose old cargo containers as our main structure and earth soil for creation of the landscape.

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Concept of the project: Our intervention in the park was supposed to make it more attractive, but at the same time not to destroy its general

composition. We want to keep the main axis of Tchaikovsky Boulevard as the main objective of the park. That is why we decided to dig our objects into the ground and create at the same time interesting and much safer landscape. We hope that various activities that we propose will bring life to social relations of Yaroslavl’s inhabitants.

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This project is a proposal – how to reuse cargo containers. There could be built just one pavilion, containing all of the functions, but we wanted also to create a proposal of bigger composition – three independent, but functionally related pavilions, connected by curving path. As it was mentioned before, we did not want to interrupt the main axis of boulevard. That is why our path is somehow dancing and writhing around it, but never dominating. We also want to keep and preserve al of the beautiful trees surrounding boulevard- paths and pavilions are always situated between them!

Main elements of the project are: Recycled pavilions, covering them artificial hills, digged in those hills social nests.

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Technical description:  Following the ecological objectives we would like to propose to recycle old cargo containers and use them as a main structure of the pavilion. We chose medium size containers with dimensions 12,20m x 2,40m x 2,60m. Because main structure (container) is prefabricated, everything that is needed to be done is to place it in the right spot. All further actions, such us covering it with earth and finishing is so simple, that it could be done by local people. Interior walls are covered by simple wooden MDF plates, which are cheap but practical. They would also perfectly suit its industrial style. Containers made of steel are also rather resistible to vandalism – there is not really much what one can destroy and materials are durable. Moreover pavilion could be locked during the night.

The pavilion may hold different cultural functions, such as small library, mediatheque or café. Library is supposed to be a local platform for book exchange – so called book- crossing, a mediatheque –platform for multimedia exchange equipped with wi-fi connection. It might be a place where people could exchange their old books or download e-books and audiobooks. Everything might be painted regarding the wishes and moods of inhabitants. It may be a perfect place for artistic expression.

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Pavilion itself is not the only part of the project designed

with purpose to spend time in it. As it was mentioned before, all pavilions are dig in the ground, or more specifically covered with earth. This allows creating a very interesting surrounding landscape – artificial hills, suitable to relax and to do sports. It is also a great place for children to play, especially in winter, when it might be used for sliding. Soil covering the metal container creates also natural layer of insulation for pavilion.

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In the artificial hills we would like to propose dig-in seats, which also would be created buy their users- Yaroslavl’s inhabitants. They could give them whichever shape they want. It is also an important moment of participation in construction. Those seats are meant to be a sitting nests for the users of pavilion – to read books, use multimedia or drink coffee. Or just to rest, relax, and have fun with friends. Holes could be bigger, for social integration, or smaller, for individual use. After shaping them we propose to cover them with concrete finishing to prevent them from collapsing.

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The estimated cost of the project: Estimated cost of one pavilion with covering hill and social nests is about 2.900 $

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