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23. „PARKing” in JAROSLAV


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„PARKing” in JAROSLAV / EBING & PARTNERS: Jerzy Ebing, Krzysztof Wojciechowski / Poland, Warszawa / Архитектурный объект


     the idea of the concept 

  1. The urbanism idea is dedicated to this particular trapezoid plaza & surounding architecture,
  2. All existing elements i.e. monument, gazons, border lines, etc. in harmony with new design,
  3. There are 3 different zones of acivity foreseen: recreation, culture and sport,
  4. The different 3 levels of view points -1,5m(sport), 0.00-3.00 (culture) and 4,5m (climbing),
  5. The multifunctional stone walls (view openings, elevations, climbing),
  6. The green slope is accesible for pedestrians & easy for exploatation (summer time),
  7. The snow slope is fantastic place for kids & families (winter time),
  8. The local materials used i.e. ground balance = 0, local stone&wooden elements (5.000 USD),
  9. The plants in gazons ¨C characteristic for region, the existing trees focused by new architecture,
  10. All idea is a background only, for different form of activity, prformances, installations, etc.

PARKing plan

 general remark: we suggest to execute the concept as one urban idea, but of course there is 

     possibilty to divide it into 2-3 phases as well.

PARKing views

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  1. Posted on 09.05.2013 by Name

    Very majestic and classic project — like it !

  2. [...] «PARKing» in JAROSLAV / EBING & PARTNERS: Jerzy Ebing, Krzysztof Wojciechowski / Poland, Warszawa / Архитектурный объект [...]

  3. Posted on 19.05.2013 by Name

    sorry man, why did u abandon this poor little son??

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