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18. Circle


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Circle / BLOQ Studio projektowe, Ewa Gumkowska / Poland, Warsaw / Архитектурный объект


Purpose: The main idea of the Circle project is that it is not only an object itself, but also a way to involve citizens of Yaroslavl in some changes taking place in Tschaikovsky Boulevard. They have aunique possibility to be a part of creation process in this public place.

Concept of the project: The simplest but at the same time original idea is the circle shape itself. It just rolls any place we like, what means that the user is the designer as well.  It is permanently in move, what gives us a possibility to create a map of our favorite spots anddiscover new ones!

Circle / 2

Technical description: 

Materials (see the components list)

- 2 x steel pipe ø 48.3 x 2.9mm, cold bended and galvanized (circle shape ø 2m);

- Steel pipe ø 48.3 x 2.9mm length= 255cm, galvanized;

- 15 x glued pine-wood plank dimensions: 1.8 x 12.5 x 64cm;

- 60 screws;

- acrylic, structural paint - spray – each color 1 spray bottle;

- Varnish 1.5L

Production (see the step-by-step instruction):

Construction process takes 1 day. Steel elements and wooden planks should be professionally cut, prepared and bended. It should be done in an interior with a possibility of ventilation (process of painting and varnishing steel and wood planks). When the skeleton is ready and all the other elements too, it can be easily combined on the fresh air.


Circle is easy in use and multifunctional. The idea is, that it becomes, what we want it to be – a bench, a hammock, and amerry-go-round. It depends on us!

Circle / 3

The estimated cost of the project: Approximately 200€ (depends on a price of the elements).


The main idea of the urban project called CIRCLE is that this object can be personalized by any user, whom it simply fits.

First of all CIRCLE can be rolled to any place one likes. This seldom possibility, to pick a favorite spot in Tschaikovsky Boulevard and put the CIRCLE right there, makes each user a kind of creator of the public space. This gives a great opportunity to involve Yaroslavls citizens and show them that they can actually take part in these important changes by saying:

“Hey, look what I have found — that’s the most beautiful place in this park. Look around at these magnificent surroundings, trees, blue sky and space!”

This advantage of “moving the circle around” is the basic idea of this urban project and its “round” shape. It unites citizens in creating a unique map of favorite spots and views in Tschaikovsky Boulevard. It shows exactly what habitants particularly like about this park. It gives also a valuable information about what and where something could be done to arrange this space according to their needs and make them proud of this place.

Circle 4

Further, CIRCLE can be used it any possible way. It becomes what we want it to be! It is up to the user whether he/she wants to lay down, sit, sway or simply climb it and obviously roll at the same time. It can be a lonely island for those, who need peace and relax in quiet or suddenly change into a merry-go-round with friends and some good laugh.

CIRCLE is a simple and ecological idea for the modern city, like Yaroslavl. Its scale, materials and colors go perfectly with human needs of comfort, fun, action and essential meaning of beauty. It is designed for people but they are the ones, who decide, how and where to use it.

CIRCLE is an invitation. Join the CIRCLE and share the idea with the others.

Circle / 5



1. 2 x steel pipe ø 48.3 x 2.9mm, cold bended and galvanized (circle shape ø 2m);

2. 19 x steel pipe ø 48.3 x 2.9mm length= 64cm, galvanized, painted with acrylic, structural paint;

3. 2 x pipe ø 48.3 x 2.9mm length= 188.5cm, cold bended and galvanized;

4. 15 x glued pine-wood plank dimensions: 1.8 x 12.5 x 64cm;

5. Varnish to impregnate pine-wood planks;

6. 60 screws;

7. Acrylic, structural paint (RAL pallet: 1018, 1034, 2002, 3015, none, 4003, 4006, 4005, 4001, 5014, none, 5012, 5005, 5002, 6010, 6018).


1. Bend two long galvanized pipes into the circle ø 2m;

2. Bend two galvanized pipes (length= 188.5cm) into the seat arches and cut small holes in the marked spots (see technical drawings);

3. Prepare 19 pipes, each 64cm long and color them with acrylic, structural paint in following order (RAL pallet): 1018, 1034, 2002, 3015, none, 4003, 4006, 4005, 4001, 5014, none, 5012, 5005, 5002, 6010, 6018;

4. Prepare 15 glued pine-wood planks and impregnate them with a special varnish;

5. Weld two seat arches to two circles in marked points (see technical drawings);

6. Weld short pipes to two circles in marked points, so that it creates a kind of ladder;

7. Tighten pine-wood planks into two seat arches one after another, so that it will create a bench.

In order to involve citizens and make the process more vivid and memorable, people should take part the finishing works such as painting the steel elements with spray. What’s more, they should create a map of the places in the Boulevard, where they would like to roll the circle and explain why this particular spot should be on the map.

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