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17. Little house


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Little house / BLOQ Studio projektowe, Ewa Gumkowska / Poland, Warsaw / Архитектурный объект


Purpose: Its main idea is to gather people and give them a safe andcomfortable space no matter the age, hobbies and social class.

Concept of the project: The main idea is to create a place in a place, which means, that it’s funny and cool to spend some quality time in a Little House instead of any other café or pub. What’ more it fulfills every need, it fits everybody – families, old and young people, groups and single. The house shape is an international symbol that everybody understands. It has positive associations what, in my opinion, can really influence people and make them more friendly and open to their neighbors.

Little House /2

Technical description: 

Materials (see the components list)

- 151 x pine-wood planks dim: 1.8×12.5×163.5cm;

- 22 x pine-wood planks dim: 1.8×12.5cm

length= min.54cm max.139cm;

- U-section beam frames dim: 5×3.8cm length=20 running meters;

- 2 x H-section beam frames dim: 5x5x6cm length=20 running meters;

- Paint 9L;

- Varnish 10L;

- ca. 1000 screws.

Little house /3

Production (see the step-by-step instruction):

Construction process takes max 2-3 days. Steel elements and wooden planks should be professionally cut and prepared. It should be done in an interior with a possibility of ventilation (process of painting and varnishing wood planks). When the skeleton is ready and all the other elements too, it can be easily combined on the fresh air.


Little House is a functional public space object dedicated to all its users. It fulfills every need as well for privacy and comfort as for interesting social life.

Little house / facade

The estimated cost of the project: Approximately 500€ (depends on a price of the elements).


Project of a Little House is dedicated to all citizens of Yaroslavl. Its main goal is to serve people, no matter the age, style of living or hobbies. It is a home where everybody is welcome. It is timeless and universal.

Obviously, in every park there are places to seat, chat and relax. However, Little House is much more than that. It is not only an object, it is a place itself, like any other club, park, boulevard, cinema, which give a possibility to identify with.

“Hey guys, where shall we meet? –Let’s meet in a Little House tonight!”

“Where do you want to go? – We can grab something to eat and meet in a Little House, maybe play some Monopoly or chess.”

Little House creates here a new value that can have a big impact on both communication and integration of Yaroslavls’ inhabitants.

A house itself is an international symbol of community, love, friendship, food, laugh, play and fun. It is used here for this certain reason. It gathers people, helps integrate. These four walls and a table areenough to fulfill every need one has. One can chat, have a snack, organize a picnic, play chess, cards, read and do homework. It is multifunctional and for that reason dedicated to all age groups and all social units. Open for young and old, families with children, couples looking for a romantic place.

What’s most important, everybody’s welcome in this House. Little House gives us, simultaneously, a chance to spend some time in the open among other people as well as  privacy, peace and comfort inside. It is a shelter in the trees, a parking place for everyone, who wants to be a part of this communication process.

What’s more it is environmentally friendly. Wood and invisible metal construction makes it look like if it grew in this park as any other tree. Natural colors of the house intensify this effect. This natural look has a great impact on interaction between the new object and its user. It builds in the new object into our well known comfort zone as if the park were always Little House’s natural environment. It perfectly fits in.

Little House is a part of a social project. Its main idea is to gather people and give them a safe andcomfortable space.

Little house schems



1. 2 x U-section beam frames in a house shape with cut holes in marked spots (dimensions – see technical drawings);

2. 2 x U-section beam frames length=77.5cm with cut holes in marked spots (see technical drawings – table top);

3. 2 x U-section beam frames length=68.5cm with cut holes in marked spots (see technical drawings – table leg);

4. 2 x H-Beam in a house shape (dimensions – see technical drawings);

5. 2 x H-Beam length=77.5cm (see technical drawings – table top);

6. 2 x H-Beam length=68.5cm (see technical drawings – table leg);

7. 151 x glued pine-wood plank dimensions: 1.8 x 12.5 x 163.5cm;

8. 22 x glued pine-wood plank (dimensions – see technical drawings – contour of a house)

9. Varnish to impregnate pine-wood planks

10. ca. 1000 screws.


1. Bend two frames out of U-section beams into 2 house modules (dimensions - see technical drawings);

2. Cut small holes in the modules in marked spots for wooden planks (dimensions - see technical drawings);

3. Bend two frames out of H-Beams into 2 house modules (dimensions - see technical drawings);

4. Cut small holes in the modules in marked spots for wooden planks;

5. Combine and weld the modules to create a Little House framework;

6. Cut small holes in the table modules in marked spots for wooden planks;

7. Combine and weld the table modules to the Little House framework;

8. Prepare pine-wood planks: impregnate them with a special varnish;

9. Tighten pine-wood planks one by one, so that they will create full surfaces;

10. Cut and tighten pine-wood planks to cover the visible steel skeleton outline (dimensions - see technical drawings);

11. Paint the outside walls and contour of the Little House with special white paint (RAL 9010).

In order to involve citizens in the process of the object’s construction, they should be asked to find the best place for the Little House in Tschaikovsky Boulevard.

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